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Unlock your potential, expand your knowledge, and gain valuable tools for building your dream life and career guided by Faith Hunter.

Meditation and Mindfulness Certification

Move at Your Own Pace

A comprehensive program designed to deepen your practice and empower you to guide others with confidence and compassion. Led by the globally recognized wellness expert, Faith Hunter, this certification blends ancient wisdom, scientific research, and practical application, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach to teaching. Whether you're seeking to enrich your own meditation practice or aspiring to teach, this course offers flexible, on-demand content, tailored to fit your pace and schedule. Elevate your soul, harness the power of mindfulness, and join a community of like-minded individuals on a path to wellness, empathy, and spiritual growth. Open to ALL.

The Return to You

6-Day Meditative Audio Experience 

An exclusive 6-day meditative audio practice inspired by the journal, "The Return to You." This enriching audio experience is crafted to guide you deeper into the heart of self-discovery. It's more than a series of meditations; it's a carefully designed journey to fortify your inner peace and awaken your inherent power. Expect to engage in profound practices that will not only foster self-love and emotional resilience but also enhance your mindfulness and empower you toward personal excellence. Each session is a step towards the ultimate goal: a reconnection with your deepest wisdom and a life lived with purpose, clarity, and an open heart.

Return to You: Self-Love Meditation, Journaling and Breathwork

5 Audio Practices

Return to You: A Self-Love Workshop" is an audio course designed to guide you through a transformative process of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Across 5 meticulously curated practices, you'll engage in grounding breathwork, introspective meditation, affirming self-love practices, emotional release techniques, and empowering visualizations. Each step is crafted to deepen your connection to your inner self, foster emotional resilience, and unlock your personal power, setting you on a path to rediscover the joy, peace, and strength that reside within you. 


Kundalini Immersion

Digital Course (pre-recorded)

Move at your own pace!

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and spiritually transformative program filled with the depth of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that uses a combination of asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), drishti (point of focus, hasta mudras (hand positions), and meditation to strengthen the body, uplift the spirit and elevate the mind. Open to ALL


200-hr 1:1 Yoga Meditation Teacher Training

Start TODAY and move at your own pace!

Faith Hunter's Private 1:1 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification is a mentor-style program and the support of Faith, Carla Jean, and our other amazing trainers. Our online private training program will give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to teach hatha + vinyasa yoga, breathing techniques, and sessions rooted in the chakras.  In addition, you will also graduate with Meditation Level One Certification. This will give you the intuitive skills, spiritual depth, and mindful knowledge to support your clients in all realms of life.

Chakra Healing Immersion

Virtual Program (Pre-recorded Livestream)

Move at your own pace!

Transformative journey through Chakra Sequencing, a program uniquely crafted to align and balance your energy centers. Explore the profound power of your Chakras through focused breathing practices, sacred mudras, and meditative yogic postures.

Faith will guide you through powerful breathwork techniques to energize and cleanse each Chakra. You will learn how to incorporate these ancient practices into your daily routine, enhancing awareness and connection to your energy centers. Engage in a series of meditative yogic postures uniquely designed for each Chakra.


Intuitive Breathwork Certification

Digital Course (Pre-recorded)

Move at your own pace!

Start NOW! Deepen your understanding of breath, and how it serves as a transformational tool. Learn Faith's Intuitive Breathwork Technique, guide practices to heal yourself and others from emotional pain, and become a Certified Intuitive Breathwork + Meditation Guide. 

This ONLY includes recorded content (move at your own pace).

The Business of YOU: Moving From Fear to Fierce 

Digital Course (Pre-recorded)

Move at your own pace!

You're the CEO (Chief Elevating Officer) of your life! Learn leadership, neurohacking to change your mindset, career/business principles, and the self-generating power to manifest, refine your intuition, and implement practical personal and business growth strategies. Tap into your power, fine-tune your skills, and learn to share your passions with courage. Yoga Alliance CEs provided.



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Unlock your potential, expand your knowledge, and gain valuable tools on how to build your dream life and career.  Faith's offers courses and programs designed for healers, wellness/fitness professionals, and even entrepreneurs in any arena.