Meditation and Mindfulness Certification

Online Certification for Mindfulness Teachers & Practitioners

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Dive deep into the essence of your being and emerge as a beacon of tranquility and wisdom.

Deepen your personal practice and share healing tools guided by a world-renowned wellness expert Faith Hunter. Faith has appeared on numerous wellness platforms including BeachBody, FitBit and iFit and many more. She's also has produced her own meditation album, and has books rooted in meditation.

Flexibility and Depth in Your Learning Journey


Train from anywhere at your own pace. This includes five pre-recorded livestream training sessions (10 hours) and additional meditations.


Based on science, ancient technology, spiritual energetics, and practical application.

Video & Audio

Includes a mix of videos and audio sessions guided by Faith Hunter. 


21-Days of Healing Meditation Series, and 8 Chakra Meditations.

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This course is open to ALL. Use it to enhance your own knowledge and deepen your meditation practice, or use your skills to teach group or 1-on-1 sessions.

  •  Engage with a rich tapestry of content, from the History of Meditation to the Diverse Modalities of guiding sessions.
  •  Explore the Science of Neuroplasticity, Breath Awareness, Chakra Energy, and the Mystical Koshas.
  •  Practical Application: Hone your craft through guided practice, learning to weave your unique narrative into each session.
  •  Empowerment Through Education: Learn to "read" the energy and bodies in your sessions, adapting fluidly, far beyond the constraints of a script.

Investment: $750

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$550 | Regular Price: $750

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This program includes over 30 hours of video and audio content.

We offer Afterpay with as low as $48/mo.

I'm ready!

Emerge as a Healing

  • Guide From Learning to Leading: Faith will mentor you in creating energetically charged, intentional breathwork and meditation sessions.
  • Inclusive Techniques: Master the art of teaching diverse student levels, creating a sanctuary of acceptance and support.

  • Authentic Voice: Unleash your authentic teaching style, sharing your voice and story through the transformative power of yoga and service.

Yoga Alliance CEUs are provided for ALL courses and trainings offered by Faith.

Breathe, Feel and AWAKEN!  

Faith Hunter (@spirituallyfly), author, Founder of ELEVATE, and global yoga, meditation and wellness expert, has designed a unique meditation and mindfulness course based on her years of personal and teaching experience. This virtual foundation course shares practical techniques on how to energetically teach breathing and meditation practices as tools for authentic living. 

Your Path to Transformation and Service Awaits

Join Faith on this soulful expedition, and step into your power as a wellness guide, healer, teacher, and eternal student of life. Elevate your soul, touch hearts, and transform lives, including your own.