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Spiritually Fly offers a radical guide to shifting unhealthy patterns, recharging your soul, and fly. Based on Faith's personal experiences and ancient practices.




Hi I'm Faith,

an author, global wellness expert, trainer, and the creator of ELEVATE. Following an abusive relationship over ten years ago, and with 18+ years of teaching wholistic practices, I've created an online membership and a collection of courses to support your body, mind, and soul. I've also placed many of these techniques in a book entitled Spiritually Fly: Wisdom, Meditations, and Yoga to Elevate Your Soul. 

During my years of emotional recovery, I also cataloged and tracked my personal work, created the Spiritually Fly Sutras, and shared my approach to healing and self-care around the world through workshops, large-scale events, and intimate retreats.

Today, at the click of a button, you can immediately feel the transformative, healing, and stress-relieving benefits of meditation, yoga, breathwork, and mindful lifestyle strategies.

Join me as we get Spiritually Fly and elevate together!

"Faith Hunter is one of those rare souls who can root us deeper into our spiritual origins, while translating these powerful practices into the raw reality of everyday life."

— Sadie Nardini, Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga


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Is the ELEVATE by Faith App different from others?

Yes! The membership is more than just a random collection of practices and livestreams classes. It's based on ancient technologies and modern approaches to reprogram neural pathways, and utilizes practical strategies to move past personal blocks while aiding you in stepping into your fullness. The amazing part is that majority of the workshops are pulled from Faith's book, Spiritually Fly.

Will Faith's offerings help me with self-worth and confidence?

Inside the app, our workshops and standalone pracitices are specifically designed to support you in tapping into your strengths, expanding your inner awareness, refining your intuition, and amplifying your confidence. Our goal is to help you live and thrive as your authentic self.

Where do I start?

If you need to focus on personal self-care, self-worth, we suggest you start with our Lead with Love workshop. This is our foundation workshop that sets the tone for a powerful journey. 



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Unlock your potential, expand your knowledge, and gain valuable tools for building your dream life and business guided by Faith Hunter.

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