The Business of  YOU

Moving From Fear to Fierce

with Faith Hunter

 May 4 - July 13
I'm Ready!

Learn leadership, neurohacking to change your mindset, career/business principles, and the self-generating power to manifest, refine your intuition, and implement practical personal and business growth strategies.

You're the CEO of your life!

Chief Elevating Officer


Do you have big ideas, and dreams, but can't seem to move past what's in your head?

Are you a creator or influencer that feels stuck? 

Do you have a poverty mindset and can't seem to grow?

This course was created to help you tap into your power, fine-tune your skills, and learn to share your message and business with courage.

“Those who are successful overcome their fears and take action. Those who aren’t, submit to their fears and live with regrets.”
– Jay-Z

Be unapologetic!


Hi! I'm Faith Hunter, MBA, ERYT, (@spirituallyfly), author, Founder of ELEVATE, and global yoga, meditation and wellness expert. 

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve helped thousands of wellness professionals, yoga studio owners, nonprofits executives, and entrepreneurs (just like you) build businesses and lives they love through in-person and online trainings, deep-dive strategic planning, spiritual resetting, and  high-impact programs.

Now, it’s time for you to experience the same.

The question is: are you ready?

In This Program You'll Learn

Power of the Ps

Learn the energy of Purpose, Projection and Prosperity, and use it in your business as you work towards financial abundance.

Practical Strategies 

Modules on marketing, social media, telling your story, and best practices in front and behind the camera.

Spiritual Tools and Wellness

Learn Faith's morning routine, wellness hacks before while working, spiritual techniques to deepen self-awareness, and meditations to help you soar.


Improve your overall mindset, retrain your brain, and move beyond limiting beliefs so you can successfully grow your business.



It's the ones I've used in creating the first Black-owned yoga studios in DC/Maryland/VA, to grow and sustain my personal brand for over 17+ years, and what I've used to reshape my businesses during significant challenges and the pandemic. I'll also share how you can use these strategies to scale your passion merged with your dynamic skills to grow a thriving business.


Hosted and Guided by Faith Hunter

What if you could...

  • Overcome your negative mindset and create the life you love.
  • Turn your ideas and projects into a business that makes you money.
  • Have the tools that support your ability to thrive.
  • Experience the personal and financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Move beyond exhausted, and step into creativity layered with profitability. 

The world has drastically changed. It's time to adapt, take control, and create your own future.


Program Modules

4 Live Sessions with Q& A, Pre-Recorded, and Bonus Content 

  1. Reshaping Your Thoughts: Self-confidence, spiritual mindset, and retraining your brain.

  2. Business Fundamentals: The HIVE Philosophy, running an online business, building trust, and making your business work for you.

  3. POWER of the Ps: Energy of Purpose, Projection and Prosperity

  4.  Sharing Your Story: Learn to effectively tell your story and leverage your personality.

  5.  The Glow Up: Building a brand that matches your authentic personality and Content Creation 101.

  6.  Lights, Camera and Action: Video creation, best tech & tools, lighting, staging, content batching, and getting comfortable in front and behind the camera..

  7. Bonus: Meditations, breathing techniques, and business templates.

Investment: $750

Promo Code BIZ20 for 20% OFF or installments

Payment Plan: 2-4 installments

  • 2 monthly payments of $380
  • 3 monthly payments of $255
  • 4 monthly payments of $193

Start paying today and begin your journey with pre-recorded sessions dropping in late April.

I'm ready!

Livestream Dates + Time:  May 4, May 25, Jun 15, July 13 | 6pm-7:30pm CST

OPEN to ALL!!! 

Yoga Alliance CEUs are provided.