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Deepen your understanding of breath, and how it serves as a transformational tool. Learn Faith's Intuitive Breathwork Technique, practice various techniques, and gain knowledge on how to heal yourself and others

Learn Faith's Intuitive Breathwork Technique, guide practices to heal yourself and others from emotional pain, and become a Certified Intuitive Breathwork + Meditation Guide.

During the course, you will experience and discuss breathing techniques used in Intuitive Breathwork, breath stimulation, and the soothing connection to calm and support the mind through intentional spiritual work. You will also review the anatomy of breath, learn other valuable breathing techniques that can be used during breathwork sessions, acquire the skills to safely hold space for students during emotional moments, and learn to guide students through the process.

Because the training pulls from Faith's own teaching approach to breathwork and meditation, you will gain knowledge on how to tap into your wellspring and remain grounded while teaching.

What will we explore...

The course includes 5 pre-recorded live sessions, pre-recorded breathing techniques shared during the program, handouts, a facilitator's guide, and a music playlist. During the course, Faith will also guide you through 2 healing breathwork sessions.

  • Module 1: Welcome + Intro to Intuitive Breathwork
  • Module 2: Breath is Life
  • Module 3: Intuitive Mind
  • Module 4: Techniques, Structure, and Holding Space
  • Module 5: Final Practice and Closing Discussion

Additional Content:

  • 9 Breathwork Instructional Videos
  • 2 Breathwork Healing Sessions
  • Intuitive Breathwork Manual and Teaching Guide

Experience and learn to guide deep rooted, transformational, and energetically-driven breathwork.

Learn how to utilize breathwork as the foundation for meditation sessions.

Gain knowledge on how to support yourself and others on emotional journeys into healing.

"Faith and her staff were professional and extremely passionate about making sure I was given the proper tools to become successful yoga teachers. My mentor was accessible and helped in guiding me through this process."
- Yonce Daniels
"Faith and the instructors are available to answer questions at any time. They encourage students to explore and discover what parts of yoga resonate with us and remind us to always teach from our own practice."
 - Abigail Fredenburg


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AWAKEN to Your Potential!  

Faith Hunter (@spirituallyfly), author, global yoga, meditation, and wellness expert, has designed a unique program filled with spiritual connection, meditation, healing, and mindfulness business approaches to wellbeing. Her programs are based on 2 decades of personal spiritual work, teaching experience, and business ownership. This course shares energetic and science-based techniques for authentic living.

Deepen your personal practice and share healing tools guided by a world renowned wellness expert Faith Hunter. Faith has appeared on numerous wellness platforms including BeachBody, FitBit and iFit and many more. She's also has owned two yoga studios, produced her own meditation album, created two wellness apps, and has books rooted in healing practices.
"Being able to be trained under a wonderful program, has been one of the best things that has happened to me. You're taught to find your own voice, to master the gift that's already in you. I am forever grateful to have been trained under a wonderful authentic program."
~ Kayo